Acacia Catechu

Acacia Catechu
Acacia Catechu
Product Description
Acacia Catechu is a pitta and kapha suppressant. It is widely used in skin related disorders. It helps in clotting of blood in case of any injuries. It is a good anti-inflammatory herb. It also helps in relieving from itching. Also helps in relieving from raised body temperature. It relieves from swelling in spleen and liver.

Tests Specifications Results
Description Light Tan to Brown Powder Complies
Identification By TLC Complies
Loss on drying at 1050C NMT 15.0% w/w 6.26% w/w
Particle size NLT 100% pass through 60# Complies
Heavy Metals NMT 20 PPM Complies
Assay Total catechins by HPLC NLT 65.0% w/w 68.29% w/w
Microbiological Tests:    
7.1 Total Plate Count NMT 5000 cfu/g 800 cfu/g
7.2 Yeast & Mould NMT 100 cfu/g 10 cfu/g
7.3 Salmonella Sps. Absent Absent
7.4 E.coli Absent Absent
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